iPadOS 16.1 is expected to be released in the last week of October

In today's news, tipster Mark Gurman revealed on social media platform that Apple plans to release iPadOS 16.1 in the last week of October, and he also said that iOS 16.1 and iPadOS 16.1 will be released at the same time.

Mark Gurman pointed out that because the new version of iPadOS jumped the gun, Apple is pushing iPadOS 16.1 directly to older devices this time.

The new iPadOS is available for iPad (5th generation and later iPad models), iPad mini (5th generation and later iPad mini models), iPad Air (3rd generation and later iPad Air models), and all iPad Pro models.

ipados 16 1 is expected to be released in the last week of october 1

As the latest generation of iPadOS, one of its core features is the inclusion of the Front Desk Scheduler feature.

Front Desk Scheduler automatically organizes apps and windows to make switching between tasks fast and easy, bringing a new multitasking experience.

For the first time on iPad, users can view overlapping windows of different sizes in a single view, drag and drop windows from the side, or open apps from the app dock to create groups of apps for faster, more flexible multitasking. The app window that the user is using remains centered, while other apps are listed on the left based on recent usage.

ipados 16 1 is expected to be released in the last week of october

It should be noted that the desktop scheduling on iPadOS 16.1 only supports M1 version of iPad series and A12Z and A12X versions of iPad Pro, and does not support other models for now.

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