iPad Pro 2024 will be unveiled as soon as March

Industry insider Mark Gurman claims that the iPad Pro 2024 will be unveiled as soon as March, and it will be Apple's most powerful iPad product.

According to the rumor, the biggest change in the iPad Pro 2024 is the OLED screen, while the previous generation used a mini LED screen.

Not only that, iPad Pro 2024 OLED screen supports ProMotion, the refresh rate can be intelligently switched between 10Hz-120Hz, while the iPad Pro mini LED version can only do 24Hz-120Hz variable refresh rate.

In addition, the iPad Pro 2024 will solve the "halo effect" problem that users complained about.

The previous iPad Pro uses mini LED backlit screen, in the black background, the display of the content around the halo, users use Kindle applications or Apple Reader to read books, the halo effect around the text is more obvious.

This is because the mini LED relies on the underlying backlight layer to illuminate and display the screen, it is difficult to display true pure black, in contrast, the iPad Pro 2024 adopts OLED screen, each pixel has the characteristics of self-illumination, in the display of the black, the pixel can be completely "extinguished", the black background is more natural and more pure.

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