iPad mini 6 can not be charged can not be used: Apple will push the update to solve!

The iPad mini 6 can't charge because of the update system thing has caused a lot of dissatisfaction among users, and Apple is working hard to fix it.

Earlier today, Apple sent an internal memo to service providers stating that the company is investigating the issue of iPad mini 6 not charging when users upgrade to iPadOS 15.5.

Apple said it is aware of the issue of iPad mini 6 not charging after users upgrade to iPadOS 15.5. Apple recommends that service providers and retail employees notify users to reboot their devices as a temporary solution.

Apple also mentioned that direct replacement of the iPad mini or battery would not solve the problem, which confirms that it is a software issue.

According to internal sources, Apple is currently testing iPadOS 15.6 and the official version may be launched earlier as a solution to the inability to charge problem, so users with similar problems can first use a reboot to overcome the problem.

iPadOS 16 adds support for virtual memory swapping, which means iPad body storage can be used as APP memory and can provide up to 16GB of memory for the most demanding APPs.

iPadOS 16 also brings new ways to collaborate with others. The new APP Collaboration makes it easy to transfer files and even initiate direct collaboration, make multi-person video calls, and more.

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