iOS 17.4 leak: Siri gets a LLM boost

Not long ago Apple released the iOS 17.4 Developer Preview Beta update, however, recently a developer found a LLM technology code, the code indicates that Apple is developing a new version of Siri powered by a large language model.

The code shows that in addition to Apple's internal model "Ajax", iOS 17.4 includes a new SiriSummarization private framework that calls OpenAI's ChatGPT API.

Since it's unlikely that Apple will use ChatGPT for Siri's AI functionality in the official iOS 18 release, it's more likely that Apple is testing its own big model internally and then comparing it to ChatGPT's results.

The SiriSummarization framework also includes multiple sub-examples of system prompts, such as "Please summarize," "Please answer this question," and "Please summarize the given text " and the like.

In addition, the code suggests that iOS 17.4 is testing two versions of AjaxGPT in addition to Apple's previously revealed internal model "Ajax," one of which is handled on-device and the other off-device - possibly in the Cloud.

As previously reported, Apple is widely expected to introduce new AI features powered by the Big Predictive Model with iOS 18 in June.

Author: King
Copyright: PCPai.COM

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