iOS 17.4 Beta4 optimizes battery health status display

Apple has pushed out the iOS/iPadOS 17.4 Beta4 update to iPhone and iPad users, seven days after the last release.

The update includes a "Battery" menu, so to check your iPhone's battery capacity, open Settings and find and tap Battery - Battery Health and Charging.

After the update, the new battery status display has a "Normal" display, which allows users to more intuitively understand the current battery health of the iPhone, click on the menu can also display detailed battery health information, such as the maximum capacity percentage and the number of charging cycles, previously the number of charging cycles can only be found in the device's Previously, the number of charge cycles could only be seen in the device's "About" menu.

The Charge Optimization section continues to offer the same settings, with Optimized Battery Charging protecting battery health by learning usage habits and limiting the amount of time the battery is at 100% charge.

There is also an option to limit charging time to 80% to further protect battery health, as well as a toggle to turn off optimized charging altogether.

Note that these changes are limited to the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max, while the battery settings for older iPhone models have not been changed.

Additionally, Apple claims that the batteries in the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max can retain 80 percent of their original capacity in 1,000 full charging cycles under ideal conditions, compared to the 500 charging cycles it advertises for all of its older iPhones.

This means that the iPhone 15 series models will be able to maintain their battery health a bit longer compared to previous iPhone models, or at least it will take longer to drop below 80%. But how long it takes in reality will have to be accounted for based on the user's own phone usage and charging habits.

There are many netizens who believe that Apple's new display of the battery cycle count is to create user anxiety about battery health, originally the iPhone battery is not very durable, small battery life fast power drop, two charges a day are not excessive.

Coupled with different charging habits on the battery caused by the wear and tear, over time the battery life is worse, even after updating the system to drop the power faster, the battery health has reached the point of needing repairs, and now you can also see the number of times the phone uses the battery capacity, although you can shield yourself from seeing, but there will still be a sense of anxiety exists.

If it's you, will you update your system to see your phone's detailed battery health data? Does it think that the new battery content added to Apple's new system is anxiety-creating behavior?

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