iOS 16: There are some more iphones that can’t be upgraded

With the launch of iOS 16 next week at WWDC, what can Apple engineers really do after working from home for another year? Let's take a look at the changes and tweaks iOS 16 has already revealed.

Not surprisingly, iOS 16 May be another version of the precise squeeze of toothpaste, but the biggest surprises may be two hidden Easter eggs.

Bang-free iPhone officially certified for the first time

IOS 16 is expected to confirm the long-rumored "pill-shaped" perforated screens on both iPhone 14 Pro models.

When the bangs are removed, the perforated design leaves more space at the top of the screen, and if that happens, Apple may make some changes to the UI design specification for the top of the iPhone. WWDC is aimed at Apple developers, and such a rule change is a big requirement for developers.

Possible AR/VR glasses

Apple is rumored to be working on an AR/VR eyewear product whose key function would be to interact with devices like the iPhone or call up iPhone resources. There will definitely be integration in iOS 16.

In the App Store's update log, the word "realityOS" accidentally appeared. RealityOS stands for rOS, internally code-named "Oak", and is the exclusive operating system for Apple's AR/VR glasses.

Here are some changes to iOS 16, so you can see what you're looking for.

Screen display and notification function updated

IOS 16 will make "significant" improvements to notifications, giving users more interactive options in the notification bar, thanks to screen technology.

IOS 16 is packed with lock widgets. Information such as weather and battery life can be displayed when the screen is off, and battery consumption can be controlled with a refresh rate as low as 1Hz.

Buying an iPhone is like buying a membership. Will hardware subscriptions come?

Apple is also working on a hardware subscription service that will allow users to pay monthly for an iPhone, iPad or Mac. Instead of paying in installments, the service will allow users to replace their new iphones each year by paying a monthly fee, much like apple Music subscriptions.

Expect the service to be included in iCloud+ or Apple Pay content in iOS 16.

Apple's signal patch, emergency satellite communication feature is expected to be released

Apple is said to be planning to add a satellite-based feature to the iPhone14, which will be supported in iOS 16.

If the feature is released, the iPhone will be able to send text messages and make calls in emergencies when there is no coverage. The iPhone has been plagued by signal problems, and satellite communications may not completely improve the iPhone's everyday Internet connection, but at least you won't lose contact.

Overall, iOS 16 won't be completely redesigned, and the overall UI will remain the same as iOS 15, but behind these minor updates are major feature changes. According to noted Apple fan Mark Gelman, iOS 16 will have new ways to interact with the system and new Apple apps that are most expected.

The minimum hardware requirement for iOS 16 is expected to be 3GB of operating memory, so iOS 16 May not support the iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, first-generation iPhone SE, iPhone 7 and iPod Touch, so those users should be prepared to switch.

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