iOS 16 Lock Screen Test Getting started: Upgrading interactive Experience

One of the most notable improvements to iOS 16 is the customization of the lock screen interface, which AppleInsider put to a hands-on test. With every major update to iOS, Apple makes hundreds of changes to the entire system. Some are small and unobtrusive, while others change the way we interact with our devices, and this lock screen change is largely in the latter category.

Change the lock screen

The iPhone's new lock screen experience is clearly inspired by the Apple Watch. Just as you long-press the Apple Watch dial to access the editor, you can now long-press the iPhone's lock screen to access the new editing screen.

When you hold down the lock screen, it sinks and you can swipe left or right to switch to a different face. It's easy to switch between lock screen designs throughout the day. For more ambitious users, you can use shortcuts that automatically change the lock screen based on location or time of day.

Add a new lock screen

You can add a new lock screen to your device by going to the edit interface outlined above. When you create a new lock screen, you will be taken to a new gallery where you can create designs that suit you.

Custom lock screen

Apple's lock screen editing interface offers plenty of options for design and widgets. Apple provides a rich template from which users can adjust and optimize. Users can also choose to start from scratch, and you can choose from a variety of different backgrounds. You can use your own images, color gradients, dynamically moving bubbles, or brand new backgrounds with unique animations.

Some will allow parts of the image to neatly overlap with the numbers at the time of publication. It looks great with your personal photos, and it can detect people and place them over a period of time for excellent depth.

● All new Astrology galaxy lock screen

The galactic background is particularly good. As demonstrated on stage at WWDC, it has various images of the Earth or moon. When you swipe up to unlock the phone, the planet or moon moves and moves to the bottom of the home screen. It looks amazing.

● When the weather

The weather section is also cool, with the ability to change the lock screen based on the weather in the user's area. This is different from the ability to set the weather to lock a widget on the screen.

● Rich custom

After selecting the background, you can customize other aspects of the lock screen. The font and color of the time can be changed to various options, as can the date stamp above the time.

● When the widget

There is a widget area below the time and a narrow box above the time. In the Beta phase, only Apple apps will have widgets, but it will be open to third-party apps in the future.

Apple widgets include news, home, battery, clock, fitness, reminders, stock and weather. Some have multiple widgets of different sizes -- such as weather that can show forecasts or temperatures -- while others are limited to a single, single-size widget.

● Low Focus mode

One of the new iOS 16 screen-locking features is the ability to bind Focus mode to different screens. For example, set the battery widget on the dark Astrology Lock Screen and the fitness widget on the Sleep Focus.

Sleep Focus kicks in when we swipe at night. If we need to wake up the phone, it will provide us with the information we need, and will not harm us. Other uses might be to set up a lock screen while working or walking.

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