iOS 16 beta goes live with first generation iPhone clown fish wallpaper

15 years ago, Steve Jobs at the launch, the first time the public display of the first generation of the iPhone, which is said to have created an era of products, the phone screen is displayed on a clown fish wallpaper. But unfortunately, this along with the iPhone debut of the clown fish wallpaper, but never really installed in successive generations of iPhone.

Early this morning, Apple pushed the iOS 16 Developer Preview Beta 3 update (internal version number: 20A5312g) to iPhone users, and in this update, users saw the classic clown fish wallpaper on their iPhones for the first time.

From the screenshots taken by users on social media, it can be seen that although the clarity is slightly different, this clown fish wallpaper can basically be concluded to be the one that appeared in the first generation of iPhone demo, which can be described as a sentimental pull full.

It should be noted that the clown fish wallpaper will not be displayed for all users at this stage, but is expected to be officially available as a wallpaper option in future beta versions.

Author: King
Copyright: PCPai.COM

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