iOS 16.1 official release: full-screen iPhone all support power percentage

October 25 - Apple pushed out the full iOS 16.1 update early this morning. The official changelog shows that iOS 16.1 introduces the iCloud Shared Photo Gallery, which keeps family photos up to date, as well as adding support for third-party apps in real-time events, plus other features and bug fixes for the iPhone.

ios 16 1 official release full screen iphone all support power percentage

It is understood that after upgrading iOS 16.1, the four full-screen iPhones, which previously could not display the power percentage, have all supported the power percentage display after the upgrade, including iPhone XR, iPhone 11, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 13 mini. so far, the full-screen iPhones have supported the power ratio display function.

ios 16 1 official release full screen iphone all support power percentage 1

At the same time, iOS 16.1 has also optimized the power percentage icon. In the previous version, the battery icon was always full after the power percentage was turned on, and would not change as the power decreased, which could easily cause some misleading.

However, iOS 16.1 solves this problem, now the battery power value decreases at the same time, the battery icon will also be synchronized with the change.

It is reported that in iOS 16.1, Apple also added the "Paste from other apps" switch, allowing users to choose to ask, refuse, or allow when pasting content from other apps, and to freely choose whether to permanently close the copy pop-up box of the app.

It should be noted that the app needs to have popped up the paste pop-up window before this switch will be displayed in the settings.

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