Intel’s 288 small-core next-gen Xeon made public for the first time! Performance soars 2.7x

MWC 2024 big show, Intel first publicized the next generation of Xeon codenamed Sierra Forest, and disclosed some performance indicators.

Sierra Forest will be the first time to use the full E-core (small core) design, single chip up to 144, dual chip integrated package up to 288 (288 threads), the manufacturing process is upgraded to Intel 3 - that is, the current Core Ultra used Intel 4 upgrade.

According to Intel's official figures, using the second generation of Xeon (Cascade Lake) released in 2021, 528 24-core processors can be accommodated in 11 racks, plus Hyper-Threading, with a total of 1,056 logical cores and a total power consumption of 8 kilowatts.

With the same power consumption, Sierra Forest requires only seven rack spaces to accommodate 2,016 144-core models, a 1.9x increase in density, a 2.4x increase in energy efficiency, and a 2.7x increase in performance!

In 5G core network scenarios, Sierra Forest can improve energy efficiency by 1.4x at the user layer and 90% at the control layer.

Sierra Forest will be officially released within this year, and before it, in the first half of this year, the first to debut will be Granite Rapids, also based on the Intel 3 process, but still with the traditional P-core big cores.

In 2025, Intel will also launch Granite Rapids-D for networking and communications infrastructure.

Author: King
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