Intel XeSS debut was delayed! Dolmen” debut without support

Dolmen, which is expected to be released on May 20, has been claiming to be the first to support Intel's XeSS, and it has therefore received Intel's publicity and the attention of many users.

But now, the official Dolmen suddenly posted in social media, said "will provide Intel XeSS support this summer", and did not announce the reason for delaying support.

But whatever the reason, it means that the debut of XeSS for users will be reluctantly delayed for some time.

According to Intel's official introduction, XeSS technology is a super-sampling technology with high compatibility and good performance.

Like NVIDIA's DLSS technology, XeSS technology supports AI-accelerated oversampling through the Arc graphics card's built-in XMX AI engine to synthesize images with near-native resolution quality.

XeSS also supports the DP4a command, which makes it theoretically capable of running smoothly on most graphics cards from NVIDIA and AMD.

In addition, as a super sampling technology, XeSS's official tests show that in Super Performance mode, the technology is able to deliver up to 153% performance improvement over native 4K quality, effectively improving gamers' gaming experience.

Author: King
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