Intel game card lineup is unprecedented: 54 games have been verified core display can also play

The year 2022 is an important turning point for Intel. It has entered the high-performance GPU market again after a gap of 24 years. In March this year, It launched Arc A380 for notebook platform, and not long ago, Arc A380 for tabletop game card was launched in China.

Compared with AMD and NVIDIA, which have worked in the field of game cards for many years, Intel's remaking of game cards has many challenges, such as GPU architecture design, game performance and other hard strength is key, but "new" Intel is more likely to lack the game ecosystem, that is, to get the support of hardware and game manufacturers.

At an event a few days ago, Intel also announced the support for Arc games, with 18 PC manufacturers, 13 top game manufacturers supporting Intel graphics, and 54 games approved for the Intel graphics platform.

These games can be played on Intel's high-performance console as well as on the Xe core for the same price, and 33 of them run without a problem, though Intel didn't release a list of the games.

In April, Intel's Aditya Navale said, "In addition to entering the exclusive market and becoming a significant player, one of our ideas for developing fancy graphics cards is to explore the architecture and software development of large Gpus."

In his view, being a "new kid on the block" in a unique field means that the features and capabilities of a product need to be not only attractive, but also support a range of games and apps.

"Software first has always driven our architectural innovation."

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