Intel Arc discrete graphics card with DTT function turned off: performance magically doubled!

Recently, the Korean media published a performance test of Intel Arc A350M entry-level discrete graphics card, and the results were a bit disappointing. Although it easily surpassed MX450 25W, it was not as good as the mobile version of GTX 1650 50W.

Subsequently, Korean oil tube blogger BullsLab conducted some research tests again after updating the driver, and found that by turning off a technology called Dynamic Tuning Technology (DTT), the performance magically jumped by almost double.

DTT is a dynamic tuning technology, similar to AMD SmartShift, NVIDIA Danymic Boost, Intel Deep Link technology suite has been upgraded to dynamic power sharing, according to the application scenario, the actual load, real-time dynamic allocation of power consumption between the CPU, GPU, improve the corresponding performance, such as playing the game to give GPU more power space.

However, it may be that the optimization is not in place, DTT technology on the Arc graphics card has played a counterproductive role, limiting the performance of the game.

After the DTT technology is turned off, the Arc A350M graphics card can reach the maximum frequency of 2.2GHz almost throughout the game, and the game frame rate is generally increased to about double, at least about 70%.

Currently, Intel Arc graphics notebooks listed still only Samsung Galaxy Book Pro2, and only in the Korean market, more products, more markets are expected to the end of the quarter.

Author: King
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