In a sense, this is the first cell phone photo ever taken!

This photo was taken on June 11, 1997, and although the pixels may seem low, it was named one of the 100 most influential photos of all time by Time magazine.

The reason for this is that this photo is in a sense the first ever cell phone photo.

Cell phones in the last century were purely for making phone calls.

When Philip Kahn, a Jewish entrepreneur, gave birth to his daughter, he wanted to be the first to notify his friends and family, but the technology of the time couldn't support him.

Fortunately, Kahn was able to bring his laptop, cell phone, and camera into the delivery room at the same time.

He wrote a system on his laptop while he waited for his wife to give birth, unplugged his car's speakerphone, and connected his cell phone, computer, and camera together.

When his daughter was born, he held her in one hand and the camera in the other, snapping the photo and sending it to over 2,000 friends and family via cell phone email in the first place.

Although everyone still wonders how he did it in the delivery room, the first camera phone was born at that moment.

It seems like good people are good at everything, and not only did Philippe Kahn create the first camera phone, but he is also currently the inventor of 235 granted patents and is fluent in English, French, Spanish and German.

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