Huawei’s new patent: confirming users are coerced through micro-expressions Turn off the face unlock function

After the phone is lost or stolen, the password can greatly ensure the safety of the user's personal data and funds, but what if the robber holds the user hostage and then puts the phone in front of the victim to unlock the phone? Enterprise APP shows that on March 1, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. disclosed a patent for "method of display unlocking and its equipment", which can prevent users from unlocking their phones through their faces when they are under duress.

The patent disclosure number is CN114125145A. The patent abstract shows that the method obtains the current pupil parameters of the user and the reflected light intensity of the face through the camera module when the display is in a locked state and the screen is lit.

If the current pupil parameters are greater than the pupil parameters for face unlock, the current micro-expression of the user is obtained; if it is determined that the user is currently in a duress state based on the micro-expression, a preset unlock interface is displayed, and the preset unlock interface includes at least one of password unlock, fingerprint unlock, iris unlock, voice unlock and acoustic unlock.

Huawei says that this patent prevents users from unlocking the display of electronic devices by their faces even when they are under duress.

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