Huawei’s first open headset FreeClip released

Huawei brought a new form factor headset, the Huawei FreeClip, to its innovative product launch in Dubai today.

This is Huawei's first open headset that doesn't need to be plugged into the middle of the ear canal to work.

huaweis first open headset freeclip released

The headset has a very chic shape, consisting of three parts: the Comfort Bean, the Acoustic Ball and the C-bridge, and is worn more like a clip on the ear.

It's this design that makes the Huawei FreeClip so much more comfortable to wear, and doesn't result in a painful ear experience when worn throughout the day.

huaweis first open headset freeclip released 1

It is worth mentioning that the C-bridge part of the headphones has an adaptive sensor that adjusts the clamping force of the clasp, which is automatically adjusted for a firm fit.

The headphone body supports IP54 waterproof, built-in 55mAh battery, can play 8 hours of music.

With the headphone case (510mAh battery) can realize 32 hours of battery life, support fast charging, 40 minutes can be filled, charging 10 minutes can be smooth listening for 3 hours.

huaweis first open headset freeclip released 2

Huawei FreeClip will arrive in the UK and European markets at the end of December, priced at £179.99 and €199 respectively.

It is expected that the new product will debut in China at the launch of the Huawei nova 12 series at a lower price.

huaweis first open headset freeclip released 3

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