Huawei working on tri-fold screen phone: dual pivots, launching as soon as Q2

According to LETSGO reports, Huawei is developing a "tri-fold screen phone", which is expected to hit the market as early as the second quarter of this year.

At present, it is progressing well, has begun to test the maturity of the relevant UTG (ultra-thin flexible glass cover) and other projects several months ago.

Some industry sources said that the tri-fold screen phone and the existing folding screen cell phone machine is very different, including carrying the number of panels will be increased from two to three, the amount of pivot from one group to two groups, equal to the exponential growth.

At the same time, the number of future cell phone folding may continue to increase, perhaps replicating the cell phone from a single lens all the way to dual-lens, triple-lens or even four lenses above the trend, the spindle and panel-related industry will usher in opportunities.

It is reported that Zhaoli, Fu Shi Da are Huawei folding machine bearing suppliers, supply accounted for half. Zhaoli's current revenue of 40% is from the folding screen phone business, and basically from Huawei's orders.

These two companies have become Huawei's main supplier of bearings in recent years, and the relevant exclusivity clause will expire in June this year. At present, it seems that Huawei continues to continue to renew the contract with them the possibility is quite high.

According to another market research organization Counterpoint Research, according to the latest data, Huawei in the first two weeks of 2024 to the first smartphone sales of the position of a strong return to the Chinese market, Huawei tri-folding screen cell phone new technology must be highly anticipated, is expected to lead the folding screen cell phone market.

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