Huawei releases WATCH GT 2022 Collector’s Edition

At Huawei's winter launch event last December, Huawei not only brought the first vertical folding phone P50 Pocket, but also launched a collector's watch - Huawei WATCH GT 2022 Collector's Edition.

After many days of waiting, this watch has been officially opened for sale today at 00:00, priced at 3688 yuan.

The Huawei WATCH GT 2022 Collector's Edition is available in two colorways, Bright Black and Vermilion, and features an exclusive design for the Year of the Tiger with a custom dial exclusive to the Year of the Tiger. The watch features a sapphire glass crystal, carbon fiber case, and precision ceramic case back.

One of the biggest highlights of Huawei WATCH GT 2022 Collector's Edition is the limited appearance of the Year of the Tiger, which not only has an exclusive custom dial for the Year of the Tiger, but also a rotating crown with a tiger tooth-shaped strap vent, a unique design for the Year of the Tiger, showing the calm atmosphere of the tiger.

It is reported that Huawei WATCH GT 2022 Collector's Edition supports TruSeen 5.0+ accurate heart rate monitoring technology, adds plateau blood oxygen monitoring, brings "healthy clover" new healthy life model and intelligent running plan.

At the same time, the watch supports temperature detection, blood oxygen monitoring, heart rate monitoring, scientific sleep monitoring, female physiological cycle management, 7*24-hour pressure monitoring, etc., which protects users' health from multiple dimensions in a three-dimensional manner.

In terms of battery life, Huawei WATCH GT 2022 Classic Edition can last for 8 days in heavy scenarios and 14 days in typical scenarios, and also supports wireless charging and reverse charging.

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