Huawei P70 Parameters Released: 1.5K Equal Depth Micro Curved Screen, Variable Aperture Main Camera

According to previous leaks, the Huawei P70 series will be released around March, and the new models will still have the Kirin chip and can support 5G networks.

Today, blogger DigitalGossipStation brings the latest specs roundup.

First of all, in terms of the screen, the P70 will use a 6.7-inch ultra-narrow edge quad-curve screen, similar to the Mate 60 series of equal depth micro-curve design, taking into account the feel and display effect.

The battery adopts a high-density electric core with a capacity of 5000mAh level, and supports stereo dual speakers.

Rear camera using triangular Deco, this point and the previously exposed material also rendering charts also all match, the shape is very unique, in today's cell phone industry recognition has been unique.

Meanwhile, Huawei continues to promote the replacement of domestic components with the OV50H main camera with large aperture + variable aperture technology.

According to the information, OV50H adopts 1.2μm pixel size, 50MP resolution to 1/1.3-inch large base, and supports full resolution 30fps, 12.5MP mode 120fps, and 60fps HDR.

At the same time, this sensor supports H/V QPD, which means it can do horizontal + vertical quad-pixel phase focus, which is more advanced than the Sony IMX989 in this regard, and it's also the first CMOS under Howey to support H/V QPD.

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