Huawei P50 Pro connected to 5G China Unicom’s first 5G communication shell

Not long ago, the world's first mobile phone case "5G Communication case", which realizes the transformation of 4G mobile phone into 5G in seconds through eSIM technology, was officially released. It was first adapted to Huawei P50 Pro, priced at 799 yuan. This morning, China Unicom officially announced the debut of the 5G communication shell, which will be available for pre-sale on June 10 and officially on June 17. "Let huawei P50 Pro enjoy Unicom's 5G gigabit network," the official announcement said.

During the launch period, users can also enjoy a discount on eSIM service fees if they purchase a 5G communication shell and activate the UNICOM eSIM.

It is understood that this 5G communication shell is developed and produced by Digital Source Technology. It weighs about 52g and is about 3.2mm thick. It is made of light gray color and skin-friendly leather, which will not affect user experience after wearing and is not easy to be infected with fingerprints.

In terms of core configuration, the 5G communication shell is equipped with dual-core 1.35ghz CPU, covering the three major carriers, supporting dual-mode 5G SA/NSA frequency band, and equipped with a USB-C charging port at the bottom to support super fast charging.

In terms of usage, the supporting mobile phone will automatically pop up after installation, and you can use 5G if you open China Unicom eSIM service. At the same time, the eSIM network signals of the main card and the "5G communication shell" will be displayed in the mobile phone signal bar, so that the two network signals will not be confused.

It is worth noting that digital blogger shiguan previously revealed that if the news is correct, there will be a follow-up of all 4G models of Mate 40, NOVa9, Mate 50 and NOVa10.

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