Huawei Mobile App Engine upgrades HarmonyOS

This afternoon, Huawei held the HDC 2022 Developer Conference to share the new achievements, experiences and open capabilities of the Honmus ecology.

At the conference, Huawei announced that the number of Huawei Mobile Application Engine's ecology has now exceeded 400,000, covering 12 countries around the world, with a positive feedback rate of 97%.

huawei mobile app engine upgrades harmonyos

At the same time, Huawei also announced at the conference that Huawei mobile application engine will upgrade HarmonyOS 3 kernel, adding support for parallel view, picture-in-picture display, touchpad gestures, corresponding to entertainment, games, life services and many other scenarios.

It is reported that Huawei mobile application engine was released as early as September 2021, which can realize the common application integration between Android and Windows.

When Huawei Intel processor notebooks installed Huawei mobile application engine, all mobile applications from Huawei PC application market, are able to be installed and used under Windows.

On Windows, the interface of mobile applications is basically the same as that of cell phones, and some more convenient key and mouse operation functions are added.

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