Huawei Mate 50 has begun testing and is expected to be released in the second quarter of next year: Kirin / Snapdragon mix

This year's Huawei P50 series, than the customary delay of several months before release, which also makes people wonder, Huawei adhere to years of Mate / P a year dual flagship strategy will change?

The digital expert Ju Factory Shadow Fans revealed that the Mate 50 series will basically not come out this year, probably released at the end of the second quarter next year.

He revealed that the first version of the engineering prototype has begun testing. Usually, Huawei's testing process takes at least 6 months.

According to the news, the Mate 50 series is expected to return to 5G, but will still provide 4G versions, the chip is a mix of Kirin and Qualcomm supply, but the specific selection of devices, is not clear.

Considering that there is still a long time before the release, other information about the Mate 50, it will take time to set the clouds to see the day. Previously, an artist drew an imaginary rendering of the Mate 50, with overall reference to the Mate 40 series, for reference only.

In addition, there are also from the Huawei patent pick out the Mate 50 series to get on the variable aperture camera and the use of a single-sided hyper-curved screen, we look good.

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