Huawei HarmonyOS only needs to write code once: common to multiple devices

HarmonyOS is an operating system developed by Huawei itself, which can be used not only for smartphones, tablets and other devices, but also for a huge number of IoT IoT devices, and Huawei said that 320 million Huawei devices have been used with HarmonyOS.

Huawei Mobile App Engine upgrades HarmonyOS

In terms of ecology, HarmonyOS has also attracted 2 million + developers, Harmony SmartLink partners more than 2200 +, HMS Core open 25030 APIs, overseas Top 3000 applications integration rate of 80%.

With 2 million+ developers and 320 million+ devices, how does such a scale ensure programmer development efficiency? If different platforms have to develop a set of code, the workload is obviously incredibly high.

In response to this problem, Gong Tie, President of Huawei Terminal BG Software Department, explained that Huawei has been paying attention to the voices of developers over the past four years, turning developers' problems into motivation and direction to move forward, and developers are most concerned about the four major aspects of efficiency, performance, security and cost.

One of the three concepts of Huawei HarmonyOS is "one development, multi-terminal deployment", the era of Internet of everything, each device is only one of the nodes of Hongmeng super terminal, developers do not need to develop separate applications and services for each device.

Instead, through one project, one set of code and one development on the shelf, it can realize multi-terminal on-demand deployment, so that one application development can get the most entrances, which can help developers improve development efficiency and achieve higher business returns to the greatest extent.

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