Hisense released China’s first fully self-researched 8K AI picture quality chip

On the afternoon of January 11, Hisense released China's first fully self-researched 8K AI picture quality chip, which is Hisense's fifth-generation picture quality chip and the most integrated and feature-rich generation of chips since Hisense developed the chip, with all core technologies developed independently, claiming a ceiling of picture quality chip processing power, with two internal CPUs integrated and NPU arithmetic power of 1.2TFLOPS.

According to Hisense's information, this chip model HV8107, has been mass-produced and used in Hisense's MiniLED TV 85U9H released at CES 2022, the future of this chip will be used in flat-panel TVs, film and TV-grade monitors, laser TVs, medical display devices and so on.

In addition to supporting up to 8K resolution picture quality, this AI picture quality chip also adds AI picture quality processing function.

The chip supports 33+ megapixels of accurate reconstruction can smoothly and progressively enhance the picture to 16bit, showing more details in the picture; high precision motion estimation compensation through AI object detection.

In terms of color control, it achieves accurate color enhancement by supporting 48bit color depth; 7897 color points control, and AI detection for face can achieve skin tone enhancement.

In terms of partition control, this chip achieved support 26880 partition control, contrast stronger picture darker and more hierarchical, the future can also be adapted to super partition MiniLED products.

Hisense said that this chip in the field of video processing algorithms and technology to achieve completely independent control, can match the highest specifications of the video stream, to do 2K \ 4K \ 8K full coverage, breaking the Japanese and Korean companies in the field of image quality processing technology barriers.

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