Haval general manager Li Xiaorui joins Xiaomi Auto

December 26 news, according to the "automotive home" reports, the former general manager of the Haval brand Li Xiaorui has low-key to join the millet car, become another from the traditional car companies to join the millet executives.

It is reported that Li Xiaorui joined the millet car before, plowing into the field of automobile marketing for many years, has a very rich market experience.

In July 2020, he joined the Great Wall Haval, as brand general manager, in November this year, Haval released an official announcement, appointed Zhao Yongpo as Haval brand general manager, fully responsible for the Haval brand work, but did not specify the direction of Li Xiaorui.

Prior to this, he served as director of SAIC Volkswagen North China, responsible for part of SAIC Volkswagen's marketing work.

It is worth mentioning that, in addition to Li Xiaorui, in June this year, there were media reports that the former general manager of the Haval brand, Wen Fei, may also have joined millet, and released a picture of him being photographed with Lei Jun visiting the Azure delivery center.

However, the official did not release any valid information, perhaps in two days on the millet car technology conference, there will be relevant content outflow.

In addition to Haval, Lei Jun also solicited former Geely Research Institute President Hu Zhengnan, who served as senior advisor to millet car, and single-handedly promoted the development of millet's first car SU7.

In addition, today a blogger broke the news that the millet car team has gathered the elite of various domestic and young, a millet headhunter has claimed that 90% of the millet car team, 90% of the pay cut to come, 5% of the flat pay to come, and 5% of the high pay to hire.

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