Gucci launched a $950 “jade inlaid with gold” smart ring: the function is not as good as 100 yuan smart bracelet

Gucci has teamed up with Finnish health electronics manufacturer ōura to create a new high-end smart ring that costs a whopping $950.

In terms of appearance, the ring follows gucci's long-standing design style, with a black alloy corundum case and 18-karat gold double helix trim, as well as the Gucci Logo.

Gucci launched a $950 "jade inlaid with gold" smart ring: the function is not as good as 100 yuan smart bracelet

As a luxury item, the ring is low-key and full of temperament. As a simple jewelry, it continues gucci's style of excellent materials and low-key design.

But as a smart device, the ring is hardly ideal.

The smart module of the ring, which ōura is responsible for, supports 7*24 hour heart rate monitoring, temperature monitoring, period prediction, and sleep analysis. It also scores users for sleep, activity, and state on a daily basis, and adjusts personal patterns based on that score.

The ring is also compatible with Apple Health and Google Fit Health tracking apps, making it easy to analyze and read the wearer's current Health statistics.

It has to be said that these functions are not as good as conventional 100-yuan smart wristbands and other wearable devices in the market in terms of quantity and perfection.

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