GRUB 2.12 officially supports LoongArch

Today, Longxin released a notice stating that GRUB recently released a new version, GRUB 2.12, which can fully support the LoongArch developed by Longxin.

Longxin said that after two and a half years since the release of the previous version 2.06, GRUB has once again released a new version 2.12, which officially supports the LoongArch in its entirety.

GRUB is a bootloader from the GNU project for loading an operating system at computer startup that allows the user to select the operating system to boot and the boot parameters, and provides an interactive command line interface.

By using GRUB, users can switch between multiple operating systems or perform some configuration and diagnostics at boot time. It also provides some useful commands and options such as loading drivers, viewing system information and setting boot parameters.

Longxin said that GRUB's official support for the LoongArch enhances the portability and compatibility of the Longxin processor for the Longxin ecosystem, helping to further expand the range of applications for the Longxin processor.

This support also marks another solid step forward for the software ecology of Longxin, which helps promote the application and development of Longxin processors.

Author: King
Copyright: PCPai.COM

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