Google Pixel tablets may feature 11-inch displays, up to 256GB of storage

At its I/O 2022 event in May, Google confirmed its return to the tablet space after a long hiatus and provided a preview of the design. The Mountain View tech giant mentioned the tablet will debut in 2023, but that doesn't stop the rumor mill from regularly revealing new details about the Pixel tablet. Now, developer Kuba Wojciechowski has provided more details on the Pixel tablet. According to him, the Pixel tablet has entered the EVT (Engineering Verification Test) stage.

google pixel tablets may feature 11 inch displays up to 256gb of storage

The EVT phase occurs after the prototyping phase. That means Google has done the design (and possibly the hardware). According to Wojciechowski, Google has shipped some Pixel Tablet devices for EVT and certification.

google pixel tablets may feature 11 inch displays up to 256gb of storage 1

The Google Pixel tablet, confirmed back in May at the I/O 2022 event, has finally entered the EVT stage. This means that the tablet will undergo internal testing prior to design verification testing and final mass production. Interestingly, Google has already shipped some devices for the EVT to India, which could be a good sign that the tablet might launch in the country as well.

google pixel tablets may feature 11 inch displays up to 256gb of storage 2

Kuba Wojciechowski got hold of some key specs of the upcoming Pixel tablet. According to him, the tablet will offer 128GB and 256GB storage options, a 10.95-inch display, and Wi-Fi 6 support. He also spotted Google's first-party USI 2.0 stylus for the Pixel tablet, which isn't a surprise since the tablet was previously USI certified.

Earlier, the Pixel tablet was believed to be the first device to ship with a 64-bit-only version of Android 13 and feature dual cameras on the back. Wojciechowski had earlier said that the Pixel tablet would not come with GPS hardware or a modem, proximity and barometer sensors. It also won't offer support for "high-fidelity" sensor processing. Recently, another report said that Google is working on a new Nest Hub that has a dockable tablet form factor with a screen that separates from the base.

Assuming the Pixel tablet doesn't have GPS hardware, a modem, and key sensors, it could potentially be half the screen of a so-called Nest Hub, and could be used in the home when connected to Wi-Fi. Additionally, the tablet is said to feature Google's first-generation Tensor SoC.

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