Google open Android 12 dynamic theme color system source code: iOS can also be used!

In Android 12, Google has added Material You dynamic theme, which can color the theme according to the color of user's wallpaper.

Recently, Google announced that it will open source the Material Color Utilities code base at the core of the feature, thus bringing the feature to more platforms, including iOS.

It is reported that Material Color Utilities is essentially a cross-platform color code base, through which developers can implement the Material You dynamic theme feature on any platform.

According to the information on GitHub, the code base currently contains three language versions of Dart, Java and Typecript, and Google plans to add versions for iOS, CSS and GLSL in the future.

In addition, Googel also detailed the workings of this dynamic theme system in the open source documentation.

Simply put, when users modify wallpapers on devices running Android 12, the system will automatically collect wallpaper colors and integrate them step by step, and finally count them into a few major colors for users to choose or algorithm blind selection.

It is foreseeable that, with the open source of Material Color Utilities code library, this dynamic theme color system will gradually no longer be exclusive to Android native system, and we will see similar functions on more and more systems.

Author: King
Copyright: PCPai.COM

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