Google Chrome Tests Shared Dictionary Compression Technology

Recently Google made an official announcement that the Chrome development team is working on implementing Shared dictionaries compression technology in the browser, which can improve website loading efficiency by more than 90%.

Google said developers can now start experimenting with Brotli or ZStandard compression algorithms for shared dictionaries in their websites to test the impact of the technology on site performance.

At the same time Brotli and ZStandard compression algorithms can also be used with custom shared dictionaries to achieve higher web page efficiency.

It is understood that shared dictionary compression focuses on finding duplicate strings in the input data and using that string to create a smaller output, and the process can be reversed later.

Chrome team to Angular framework updates as an example to illustrate the benefits of compression dictionaries, assuming that the site's current Angular version of 1.7.9, uncompressed file is about 172KB, in the use of Brotli default compression, the size of about 53KB, which can be nearly 70% compression rate.

And if you use a custom compression dictionary, you can also achieve the use of the previous version of the resource dictionary to compress the new version of the resource, the output file size will be only 4KB, to achieve 98% compression rate, and this can greatly enhance the web page loading performance.

And the Chrome team also pointed out that in the latest shared dictionary compression scheme, the security issues that existed previously have been resolved, and both dynamic and static resources can be benefited.

Author: King
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