German railroads actually still use DOS, Win3.11! Only 8MB of RAM.

IT technology is ever-changing, some high-end gamers may feel that RTX 4090 performance are not enough, and will feel that the Windows 11 system is not good to use, but you know, in many parts of the world, the backwardness of the hardware and software configurations is simply outrageous.

For example, Japan, floppy disks, fax machines, flip phones, VGA ports and so on, "old-fashioned" is still prevalent, the official wants to abolish the huge resistance, a short period of time can not be eliminated.

In Germany, the railroad system of a job announcement actually seeking familiar with the Windows 3.11 system professionals, and even the best skilled experience in the use of MS-DOS.

The matching hardware system is a 166MHz processor with 8MB of RAM.

Further, this is not the case for a certain part of the German railroads, but for almost the entire German railroad system, such as the big-name ICE1 and ICE2.

ICE1 aka 401, Germany's first high-speed locomotive train, commissioned in June 1991, had a top speed of 280 kilometers per hour, with up to two powered heads and 14 passenger cars.

The ICE2, also known as the 402, was an upgraded version of the ICE1, commissioned in 1995, with the length of the train halved to a single powered head, a caboose, and six passenger cars.

The Windows for Workgpoups 3.11 system was released in 1993, revolutionizing the inclusion of networking and LAN capabilities, plug-and-play technology, and was retired in November 2008, with Microsoft no longer providing maintenance support.

In fact, for mission-critical systems such as railroads and air traffic, the principle adhered to by the management has always been "if it's not broken, don't move it, use it if you can," so it's not unusual to see configurations that are decades old.

This is even true for nuclear weapons management in the United States, which began phasing out floppy disks only a few years ago.

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