First Apple Vision Pro headsets have shipped: huge box revealed

Apple's Vision Pro was previously up for pre-order, and according to the latest news from U.S. pre-orderers, Apple has now shipped the first batch of units to users.

However, the Vision Pro's official on-sale date is February 2, and even if these products are shipped to consumers' locations ahead of time, they won't be dispatched until February 2, making it impossible to get them early.

As with the iPhone and other products, Apple is doing this to ensure that pre-order users can get their hands on the new product at the first opportunity.

It is worth noting that there are Apple employees will be Vision Pro packaging shape leaked out in advance, the box is very large, which is completely inconsistent with Apple's nearly two years to promote the concept of "environmental protection".

Of course, Vision Pro, as a new wearable device, is really very complicated with its own accessories.

It is reported that the package of Vision Pro includes Solo Knit strap and Dual Loop strap, Light Seal, Light Seal liner*2, front glass cover, polishing cloth, battery pack, USB-C charging head, USB-C cable, and clip-on lenses (additional purchased myopia lenses), in addition to Vision Pro main unit.

Author: King
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