Fedora 37 development team is considering dropping support for non-UEFI BIOS

As evidenced by a recently issued change proposal: In an effort to move forward with deprecating older BIOSes and making UEFI a mandatory requirement for x86_64 systems, the development team is considering making this change for Fedora 37, which will be released later this year. While the change may not happen overnight, the new Fedora x86_64 installation will not be available on non-UEFI platforms.

By taking a step-by-step approach, Fedora plans to completely remove support for older BIOS versions. Users with older systems, however, can still upgrade to Fedora 37 via an update (rather than a fresh install).

At the same time, Fedora is also phasing out 32-bit x86 operating systems and changing the minimum system requirements to hardware circa 2006. So this new change shouldn't affect too many people, except for the small percentage of users who have UEFI support disabled in their hardware.

It is understood that the Unified Extensible Host Interface (UEFI) is already a requirement for secure booting via FWUPD, or system capsule firmware updates.

After the proposal period, it is expected to be approved by FESCo and to completely remove support for legacy BIOS in a release soon after Fedora 37.

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