EVGA Power Supplies in Trouble: 22TB Hard Drives All Wiped Out

Foreign netizens "sgircys" recently had bad luck: he looked for EVGA to replace a new power supply, the result is that the hard disk was burned.

The power supply he originally used was a brand new EVGA GQ 1000W Gold, but there was a whistling sound, so he sent it back to EVGA at his own expense for a new one, but EVGA told him that he could continue to use all the accessories and power cables without having to replace them.

After receiving the new power supply back from EVGA, he didn't think much about it and plugged it in, but it wouldn't light up, and after some checking, he found that the only way to start it was to unplug all the SATA hard disks.

EVGA customer service said that the pinouts of power supplies sometimes change, and that the power supply sent to him was an upgraded version, so they sent him a new compatible power cord.

Unfortunately, after switching to the new power cord and rebooting the computer, he found that the total 22TB of hard disks had all been burned up because the voltage had changed.

But this time, EVGA thought they were not at fault, claimed they were never responsible for data loss or service, and even suggested going to the hard disk manufacturer to claim compensation ......

So, be careful with power supplies, especially power cords must not be messed with.

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