EU not happy with iOS sideload: Apple under investigation

According to media reports, the European Union announced today that it is not satisfied with Apple's App Store policy adjustments, and officially launched an investigation.

It is understood that, influenced by the EU Digital Marketplace Act, Apple iOS version 17.4 opened up the sideloading function, allowing users to download apps from third-party app stores.

At the same time, Apple set new fees and terms for alternative app stores and web-distributed apps, and the EU is not satisfied with these changes.

It is worth mentioning that another requirement of the EU's Digital Marketplace Act is to allow users to freely choose their web browsers, and users do not have to use the Safari browser provided by Apple. Although Apple has made adjustments, the EU has also expressed dissatisfaction with the details of its improvements.

The EU is currently investigating Apple. If Apple is found to be in violation of the rules, it could face a hefty fine, which could be equivalent to 10% of its total global turnover.

Notably, the EU is also simultaneously investigating Google's parent company, Alphabet, which could also face a hefty fine.

Author: King
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