Designers aggregate exposure details Apple iPhone 14 shape first look

For the new Apple machine now, secrecy has long been stepping into so exaggerated years ago, and the upcoming iPhone 14, you look more at the shape or configuration, or something else?

Currently, there is a lot of information online about the shape of the iPhone 14 exposure, and a designer has summarized this information to bring the iPhone 14 Pro look, with an exclamation point screen showing iOS 16.

9to5Mac points out that the renders incorporate some elements from the latest iOS 16 beta to show off the cool look of the iPhone 14 Pro (or Pro Max) model in the "Midnight Black" colorway.

The iPhone 14 Pro line is expected to replace the years-old bangs notch with a perforated + pill-shaped design, along with the new system's power indicator.

Another interesting change is the full lock screen music overview interface added in recent beta versions, and Apple could bring the Always-On Display feature that Android competitors have been using for years.

According to the supply chain, the main reason for Apple's "bold" introduction of this change is said to be the company's adoption of a new OLED panel for the iPhone 14 Pro / Pro Max that supports variable refresh rates from 1 to 120 Hz.

Author: King
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