DaVinci Resolve, the famous editing software, comes to iPad Pro 2022

The Slogan "Your next computer, why a computer" is a perennial in the iPad Pro 2020 campaign, which illustrates Apple's "ambition" for the iPad line.

Today, Apple unveiled the 2022 iPad Pro, a tablet with the latest M2 chip that puts it on a par with the Mac family in terms of performance.


Now that DaVinci Resolve, a popular professional editing app, is officially coming to the iPad, the next computer may not need to be a computer for light work or creative work.

According to Apple, Da Vinci is expected to launch on the iPad in the near future, allowing users to create content such as color correction, editing and visual effects right on the tablet.

Based on the screenshots shown so far, the iPad version of Da Vinci will be able to edit videos, mix colors, and more, but it's unclear if some features will be neutered compared to other versions.

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