China Mobile’s world premiere 5.5G commercialization First 100 cities

China Mobile made the world's first 5G-A commercial deployment in Hangzhou yesterday and announced the list of the first 100 cities with commercial 5G-A networks.

China Mobile plans to expand its 5G-A network to more than 300 cities nationwide within this year, building the world's largest commercial 5G-A network.

5G-A (short for 5G-Advanced, commonly known as 5.5G) is a key stage in the development of 5G to 6G, which is characterized by higher speeds, greater connectivity, and lower latency compared to 5G.

This technology has faster rates, with peak rates up to 10 times that of 5G. In addition, the connection range is wider, through the integration of new passive IOT networking technology, realizing the transformation from single-point communication to "ultra-large distance, ultra-large-scale passive IOT".

China Mobile plans to promote the industrial chain to launch more than 20 models of 5G-A terminals within this year, develop 5G-A terminal users more than 20 million, and provide users with higher speed, layered and graded security experience.

Currently, China Mobile provides 10,000 mobile 5G-A experience slots for users. Users can apply for a free 5G-A commercial package through the China Mobile APP, which includes 100G of monthly traffic for a total of 12 months, Cloud Mobile Pro membership for 6 months, Fun Calls for 6 months and Incoming Call Captions for 6 months.

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