Breakthrough experience! VR headset new technology: players can sense the lips and teeth touch

Recently, the United States Carnegie Mellon University has researched a new VR headset technology, equipped with ultrasonic phased array technology, allowing players to perceive the sense of touch in the mouth such as lips and teeth, thus bringing a new experience.

Currently, VR devices are dominated by visual and sound sensory experiences, and going beyond these to bring more sensory experiences will be one of the main areas for VR to break through in the future.

Previous headsets have supported external haptics such as hands and feet, and Carnegie Mellon University's ultrasonic phased array technology will be able to bring a new breakthrough experience to VR headsets, and I believe the application in VR games will make players more excited.

Ultrasonic phased array technology originated from radar electromagnetic wave phased array technology, consisting of many radiation units arranged in arrays, by controlling the amplitude and phase of each unit in the array antenna, adjusting the radiation direction of electromagnetic waves to synthesize a flexible focused scanning radar beam in a certain spatial range.

Now Microsoft, Apple and Meta and other giants are pressing ahead with their VR products, Apple's prediction will come out this year, I do not know whether Apple's VR headset device has physical touch interaction function.

If there is no physical touch interaction, VR can do more limited things, can only stay in the visual viewing level, can not achieve a revolutionary disruption of the VR industry, only the expansion of the human visual screen.

The epidemic has accelerated the expansion of our lives and work online, and with the advancement of 5G and cloud computing technology, it will build a virtual world very close to reality for us.

Author: King
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