Bigger is better: 65-inch TVs top Chinese TV size, far ahead of global average

The latest data from Roto Technology (RUNTO) shows that the sales share of 65-inch reached 21.7% in 2023, surpassing the 55-inch which accounted for 19.6%, becoming the first big size.

And 55-inch fell directly to the third, because the second largest size is 75-inch, sales share of 19.8%, a significant increase of 7.3 percentage points from 2022.

The increase in the share of large size drives the average size of the market to move up, with the average size of China's online market reaching 63.3 inches in 2023, and the average size of the offline market reaching 64.5 inches.

As a comparison, the average size of global TV shipments reaches 49.3 inches in 2023, an increase of only 1.6 inches from 2022.

China's TV market size is significantly larger than the global average, mainly due to China's mature TV industry, with a great cost advantage, even if 65 inches, 75 inches of TV prices are also sold cheaply, so that consumers directly one step.

However, it should be noted that although still many people buy TVs, but TVs are no longer the immediate needs of Chinese families.

China's TV market in 2023 branded whole set shipments of 36.56 million units, down 8.4% year-on-year in 2022, a new low in nearly a decade.

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