ASUS releases half-height RTX 4060: three fans

Following Gigabyte, ASUS has also released a half-height design for the RTX 4060, also known as the "blade card".

Like the Gigabyte, the ASUS "RTX 4060 LP BRK" comes with three fans, and the exact length data is not stated, but it is obviously difficult to fit into a typical ITX mini-chassis.

What's more, it takes up space in two slots.

It looks like the old ultra-mini cards with two or even one fan and a single slot thickness are not coming back.

Specific parameters have not been disclosed, only that it is a double ball bearing fan, IP5X dustproof design, in addition, you can see that the interface is not quite the same, equipped with two DP 1.4, two HDMI 2.1, more balanced, can be four screen output.

There is also an 8-pin auxiliary power supply interface, after all, TGP needs 115W.

The price isn't stated, and considering that Gigabyte's sells for $325 overseas, Asus' is expected to be about the same.

Author: King
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