Apple’s new rules cause strong discontent among developers: the appearance of openness is actually the “godfather”!

Not long ago, Apple pushed out the iOS 17.4 update, bringing third-party app store functionality to iPhone users in the European Union.

However, according to foreign media reports, developer Colton Adamski expressed strong dissatisfaction with Apple's new European regulations, that Apple said on the surface of the open, but in fact still in control of the iPhone ecosystem, like "The Godfather".

According to the report, Adamski has been running an unofficial iPhone app store for six years, and originally planned to run a third-party app store in the European market.

However, after reading Apple's terms and conditions, Adamski and his team abandoned the idea, comparing Apple to the gangster in the movie The Godfather.

According to Adamski, Apple has set up a bully clause that says you can open a store on their turf, but you have to do exactly what they say or they will "shut it down".

Adamski said the main obstacles to operating an Apple third-party app store in Europe are as follows:

First: developers who want to create a third-party application store must provide Apple with a letter of credit of 1 million euros issued by an A-rated financial institution.

Second: the Core Technology Fee, which requires developers to pay €0.50 for the first annual install of their marketplace apps after reaching 1 million downloads.

Adamski sees this as a "protection fee" under the guise of securing business, and says that many developers he knows are strongly unhappy about it.

Author: King
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