Apple’s new patent shows: iPhone may use ceramic body

In recent years, with the development of technology, the material of smartphone back cover is becoming more and more abundant, and the general mainstream materials include plastic, metal, glass, ceramic and so on. According to Forbes, an Apple patent shows a zirconia ceramic material that could be used in future watch models. But the patent also points out that it can also be used for iPhones.

Apple's patent is called "electronic devices with textured zirconia-based components" and will have a matte finish, the news said. In this regard, Apple describes it as providing a "matte look" to the outer surface of electronic devices.

Although the patent does not give full details of the materials used to produce it, it states that "zirconia-based components can be made from ceramics, such as partially stabilized zirconia ceramics or alumina-toughened zirconia ceramics."

Apple's new patent iPhone may have a ceramic body (via Apple)

It is said that it can be used as a watch case or the back cover of other devices. The images suggest that the back of the iPhone or a key part of the phone could use ceramic instead of the tempered glass currently on the back of the phone. In addition, the matte finish suggests that it could be used for the iPhone Pro series models.

From the current cell phone market, ceramic materials have been used in Xiaomi and Samsung's cell phones, of which Xiaomi MIX series is more famous. And Apple's patent reveals that the future iPhone is expected to use ceramic body. But because the process takes time to polish, the upcoming release of the iPhone 14 this fall or will not have a ceramic body.

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