Apple’s new iPad Pro has a big screen and CPU upgrade

There are no plans to discontinue production of its 11-inch iPad Pro or 12.9-inch iPad Pro, despite the prospect of a 14.1-inch model, according to the latest foreign media report.

The new iPad Pro model will be unveiled in September or October, and there is a good chance it will be available during Apple's fall event window.

As for what we can expect from the new iPad Pro? The updates should include an M2 chip upgrade, MagSafe wireless charging and an upgrade to the camera system. This prediction reiterates a claim he made earlier in 2022.

Other updates could include the introduction of a glass back in the design and mini LED backlighting for the 11-inch iPad Pro model.

In addition, apple is working hard to create a new, larger iPad Pro model that combines a 14.1-inch mini LED display with the M2 chip, according to industry chain. Compared with the current display technology LCD, Mini LED has better display effect, response speed has an order of magnitude of improvement, the screen can be thinner, and the power consumption is greatly reduced, can prolong the battery life.

Compared to OLED displays, Mini leds have faster response times, higher reliability at high temperatures, and the same life span as TFT LCDS while maintaining excellent display performance and flexibility.

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