Apple’s most powerful homegrown chip! M3 Ultra first revealed!

According to media reports, Apple's M3 Ultra is a redesigned chip, not a patchwork of two M3 Max.

As we all know, the previous generation chip, M2 Ultra, utilized the UltraFusion architecture, which splices two M2 Max chips together and has 134 billion transistors, 20 billion more than the previous generation M1 Ultra.

UltraFusion is Apple's customized packaging technology that allows for a huge leap in performance by using a silicon intermediary layer to connect the chips to over 10,000 signals.

The latest news points out that Apple M3 Ultra is not going to be two M3 Maxes spliced together, but a redesign that will make it the most powerful M-series chip in Apple's history.

It is also worth mentioning that the Apple M3 Ultra is built using TSMC's N3E process, which is Apple's first N3E chip, and the subsequent debut of the A18 series will also use the N3E node, while the M3, A17 Pro and other chips use TSMC's N3B process.

This chip by the Mac Studio debut on board, the new product will debut as soon as possible in the middle of this year.

Author: King
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