Apple’s market value evaporates $760 billion overnight! Analysts expect weak iPhone 16 sales

Today, the word # Apple market value evaporated 760 billion yuan overnight # on the Weibo hot search list second, attracting many netizens to watch the hot discussion.

According to domestic media reports, Apple's market value evaporated overnight because the investment bank Barclays will be Apple's stock rating from "hold" adjusted to "hold", and will be the target share price cut by $1 to $160, which means that Apple's share price in the next year will fall 17%.

On the same day, Apple's stock price fell 3.58% to close at $185.64 per share, and its market value evaporated by $107.1 billion (about RMB 766 billion) overnight.

Additionally, the analysts also predicted in the report that "Apple's stock is poised for a reversal after the stock has missed expectations for most of the past year's quarterly results and outperformed other companies."

The report writes that the current "sluggish" sales of the iPhone 15, especially in China, portend similarly weak sales for the iPhone 16.

In other words, the investment bank believes that Apple's prospects are not working, the iPhone 15 series sales are low, and predicts that the iPhone 16 series may also not have a big change, no more attractive features or upgrades.

In response, a netizen said, "Don't blame the analysts either, the main thing is that the upgrades of Apple's phones in these generations are really too small." "Cook's Apple has been eating Steve Jobs' old capital, basically there is no subversive innovation, tinkering with another generation of new machines." And so on.

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