Apple’s App Store in the US now supports external payments

Apple's share of the App Store is one of the major sources of profit every year, through the closed App Store to grasp the lifeblood of developers, charging a 30% commission, known as the "Apple tax".

Many developers are extremely dissatisfied with this rule, Musk has repeatedly publicly attacked Apple.

Epic even took Apple to court, launched a protracted litigation journey, the two sides have been pulling for several years is still not finalized.

However, Epic's actions are not completely ineffective, Apple has now adjusted the rules in the U.S. App Store to "temporarily" comply with a ruling in 2021.

The U.S. App Store will offer external payment methods that can be used without paying through Apple, but will still require a commission of 12% for members of the Small Business Program and 27% for others.

It's worth noting that the EU clearly has more experience than the U.S. in fixing Apple, and after pushing for the iPhone to replace its USB-C port, it's also going to force Apple to open up third-party sideloading.

In accordance with the provisions of the Digital Markets Act (DMA), Apple needs to open its app store on March 7 this year to allow users to install apps from third parties, which would also directly bypass Apple Pay.

Author: King
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