Apple Watch launches first Chinese dial: displays time in twelve Chinese characters

Apple recently pushed the beta version of WatchOS 9 to Apple Watch users, which didn't bring any substantial feature changes, but a new dial went live and caused a lot of buzz.

Because this is the first Chinese dial Apple has launched in the Watch, using 一、二、三......Twelve Chinese numerals display the time, which looks very retro.

After updating the system, users can find this new dial in the Watch App in the font typography, which is available in a variety of colors such as ivory white as a base color option.

There are also two styles of dials, simple and complex, which show all of them, as well as the four times of 三、六、九、十二 and twelve, respectively.

The font options are classic, modern and round.

According to Apple's official introduction, the dial is designed to celebrate font typography, with Arabic numerals, Arabic Hindi numerals, Tencheng numerals and Roman numerals available in addition to Chinese characters.

Many netizens can't help but sigh, as Apple's largest market, Apple also really values Chinese users.

What do you think of this dial?

Author: King
Copyright: PCPai.COM

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