Apple Vision Pro drop test smashes two tiles

Recently Apple's first headset device, Vision Pro, has officially gone on sale in the United States, with a starting price of $3,499.

Many domestic technology bloggers and enthusiasts have grabbed the debut through surrogate purchasing or personally flying to the United States.

Blogger "胜利文绉绉" got his hands on a drop test, first in the wooden floor, 1-1.8 meters are completely stress-free, the test down completely did not cause any impact.

However, the texture of the wooden floor is still a little softer, can slow down the impact, so the follow-up test and use the tiles, but the results are somewhat unexpected.

In the 1-meter test, the Vision Pro smashed the tiles, and although the body was slightly deformed, the curved glass on the front was intact.

Following up on the 2-meter test, the Vision Pro smashed the tiles again, this time with the body and straps partially dislodged, but the curved glass remained intact.

This result was very unexpected, after all, Vision Pro front is a large curved curved glass, according to common sense should be very fragile, but the actual test can be said in daily use do not have to worry about.

However, the screen is also very costly, with after-sales repairs costing $799.

It's worth noting that the blogger ended up using the Huawei Mate 60 as a base plate for three tests over 2 meters, and the glass on both was intact, a side note that shows that the Kunlun II is far sturdier than tiles.

Author: King
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