Apple unveiled the M2 Extreme, its new most powerful PC processor

Apple officially unveiled the M2 processor at WWDC this month.

Although the performance of this generation OF M2 has a double-digit improvement over M1, it still continues the 5nm process and the core scale remains unchanged, which also makes some hardware enthusiasts question "squeeze toothpaste".

Fortunately, just like the M1, there are many successor models planned for the M2. In addition to the M2 Pro, M2 Max, M2 Ultra, Apple is even planning the M2 Extreme, which is the first time.

Both the M2 Ultra and M2 Extreme will be used in the Mac Pro, which is the strongest chip with the strongest desktop.

Currently, the M1 Ultra is designed with a 20-core CPU and a 64-core GPU. Obviously, the M2 Ultra and M2 Extreme are a step up, and if the processes are upgraded to 4nm or even 3nm at the same time, the power will be even greater.

In terms of running score, M2 single core is ahead of core 12, AMD Zen3 mobile edition, and GPU is significantly better than Core 12. As for the M1 Ultra, it's hard to get a bargain against the 12-generation Core desktop model, but the biggest advantage is that it's far more efficient, consuming only 60W.

In terms of release time, the M2 Extreme will be up against AMD Zen4 and Intel 13 cores. Look forward to that.

Author: King
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